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Frequently Asked Questions from readers

Have you always wanted to write?
No, I wanted to be a Civil Engineer and drive diggers, but the brain cells failed me there. I always wanted to create but never knew what I wanted to create, then one day put pen to paper and it all came out. I’ve always had an overactive imagination. So on reaching forty, with a little encouragement from friends and work colleagues, That Forty Thing was born.

I never thought I could write a whole book, as short stories was more my thing. So maybe I had always wanted to write but the time needed to be right. As they say ‘There’s a time and place for everything!’

What are your other interest?

I like watching films, my son and I have got Lord of the Rings down to three and a half hours – the full set. Bit of a tomboy when it comes to films. I prefer action, high suspence film, love comedy and one or two rom.coms. Mama Mia is my favourtie. I love James Bond, well Connery and Brosnan as James Bond.

I do read, but not a great deal. I like Jilly Cooper, John Francome, Jonathan Kellerman. I’ve read Harry Potter, like the films but books are better. I would read Game of Thrones, but I seen smaller bricks.

My favourite childrens books are the Castle that had Hiccups and The Dark Dark Night, so funny! I also ride, I have a horse called Robbie and I spend time annoying my children.

How do you develop characters?

I usually start with a nice flirty and fun first name, surname not so important. Then they seem to develop themselves. I like to push the beliefs of the characters, could they be manipulated by people around them, stray from their chosen path. Make them stronger or weaker, compromise themselves to get what they want. I don’t discribe my characters as everybody has the perfect hero in mind.

Do you prefer pen and paper when developing a story?

I love to write on paper, it makes the story more personal. Once you begin to type, you have the chance to elaborate on the story and the characters. Introduce new ideas, change the direction of some of the characters. ‘To write is to re-write.’ I love the feel and the sound of the paper, whether turning a page or watching the ink stain the page as the words swirl into action and the story comes to life.

Do you encourage your children to write?

They both do, but Courtney is more for the written word and also love to read. Anthony likes to spin you a good yarn, being of Irish descent, there’s  always a story to be told or a song to be sung.

All children should have an outlet for there creativity and be able to express themselves.

What’s the future?

I will continue to write my books as long as you would like to read them. I love that you go out and buy my books! Hopefully when you close the last page, you’ll give a sigh and think I enjoyed that. Then go and get the next one.

Is romantic fiction your only genre?

No, I have many other interest, but they all have naughtiness and sexual tension in them. I have written 3 crime books and a childrens book.



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