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Can you image how much.

Do you know how much I care and think about you. Listen to the things you say, lifting my heart to new heights making me believe that there is only you. To miss you when your gone, to take comfort from your absents with your smell, my

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Strolling down to the Beach

As I strolled down to the beach, I am passed by several vans. All with one thing in common, surf boards. My afternoon of writing will be interesting as I feel the certainty of distraction creeping up on me. I positioned myself a little way down the

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Back and Beyond

In the middle of nowhere in the back of beyond, away from the hussle and bussle of everyday life. Robbie – my horse – and I canter through the woods, jumped over the gate and up a small hill. We stood a while to take in the

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Walking in the rain

I love walking in the rain, through puddles, watching the flowers fall under the weight of the water and the patter of the rain on the leaves of the trees. As I walked down through meadow, full of long grass and wild flowers, I take a seat

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Out shopping with my daughter – costa fortune – we sat for a while and watched people go by. I watched a woman walking along, she was of slim build, wore a lovely plain summery dress and fabulous shoes. She had a spring in her step and

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My Authors Coffee Morning

As an experienced author I am keen to share experience with other authors on regular meets. Every forth Tuesday, I meet with other authors to share experiences and work with each other to develop our creative energies.  The meet is held in Doncaster at Starbucks.  During the

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