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Can you image how much.

Do you know how much I care and think about you. Listen to the things you say, lifting my heart to new heights making me believe that there is only you. To miss you when your gone, to take comfort from your absents with your smell, my thoughts of you grow strong as I imagine your touch, your kiss. Haunting me while a wake and asleep, but your gone.

It not good to miss a person so, to look back at your messages, your words that I mistook for something that wasn’t real. Time is waste on what could have been but has never been, not for you anyway, only for me. Then the hurt comes and the realisation that you’ve been a fool. You can’t help it because they really meant something to you and you where just holding on too tight, to anything ¬†just to feel wanted for a short time anyway.

I should have been stronger. Should have, could have, is all in the past now your gone but not really you where never truly here.

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