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Fire and Infatuation

I love to watch fire, as it’s dancing flames flicker and flits, reaching out drawing you in with the hypnotic movement and heat. Wanting to get close, to share the fires passion, desire and wilful destruction of itself.The infatuation of fire could be compared to an infatuation with another. A desire, a passion to be close but never daring to cross the line.

Watching, waiting from a distance, not daring to get near, scared of being burnt or rejected, because of an overwhelming love. Born of nothing more that a word, a look or gesture that binds us to that person. But then just like the fire the passion and the obsession are just burning embers, ashes of a fleeting infatuation, that cause pain as longing, a drive to be near and never knowing the truth.

As the wind blows the ashes away, all that is left are the smouldering ember of a memory of what was and the realisation that you came so close to getting burnt.


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