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Introducing the Main Character

Write the main character.

Creating Lizzie Grant for Piggy Pag, is fun as she is just like everybody else. Well appart from she a successful author and is given oppertunities that don’t come around that often. So she grasp everything with both hands.I like Lizzie. She’s a care free soul that explores what life has to offer. So I wanted to know what other people thought and it was not what I expected.

I did a little experiement on Facebook with a few friends, to see if they would like her. I was surprised! I wrote a article, as seen on most online magazines, about Lizzie and waited for a response. Nobody liked her, they thought she was fickle, a slapper and deserved everthing that she got.

This made me laugh as when the book comes out and the full story is given, there maybe some mind changing. As we only ever know about people through the media, do we ever really know the real person, should we look past the website, the trolls that are only out to destroy a reputation and make up our own minds.

But Lizzie doesn’t help herself and continues to live her life as she sees fit.

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