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That Forty Thing


That Forty Thing is a short novel that Forty Thing is a short novel published in 2011 by Racquel McDonnell.

The book is approximately 240 pages and a perfect holiday read.  Published by Vanguard Press in England and available in Paperback in most good books stores and online and in all major online outlets.

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The morning after the night before, we’ve all had them. Suzy had hers, which gave her the biggest wake-up call you could have. Suzy never realsied that sex could be so, so bloody brilliant, if it wasn’t for the fact that it was the wrong man. She decides to take time out to explore this new found desire, to broaden her horizons, sexually and emotionally. She doesn’t want to be his plaything, or be stuck with the wrong guy again. It starts in Paris, where her liberation from her self is unleased. Heats up in Russia, finding out that only the ice is cold.

But she never expected to find him or fall for him. She was confused by the feelings stirring inside her, the emptiness she felt after their mysterious parting and was longing to meet hi again. He was always on her mind even though she bumped into some fabulous distractions along the way.

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That Forty Thing is available for sale in both Waterstones and Amazon.

Customer Reviews

Really enjoyed reading this book. I could visualise every chapter. Very jealous. Let me know when the next book is out.

- FB, South Yorkshire
Sales Repy

A really enjoyable read. Warning should be added, MAY CAUSE BLUSHING if read in public.

- LW, Yorkshire
Sales & Marketing Advisor

I have read hundreds of books in the past, this is the first book I’ve read that I’ve been glued to and finished in one day. Gripped from the beginning and wouldn’t put it down. Amusing and Exciting.

- DB, Yorkshire

Believable characters, exciting and thrilling destinations. A really great book to read. Totally aroused.

- AM, Yorkshire

My only comment about what I felt when reading this book, is I couldn’t actually write what I felt. Fab book.

- DB, Yorkshire


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