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Back and Beyond

In the middle of nowhere in the back of beyond, away from the hussle and bussle of everyday life. Robbie – my horse – and I canter through the woods, jumped over the gate and up a small hill. We stood a while to take in the view, then trotted down into the meadow below. Robbie’s sided twitched as there where tickled by the long grass. Dismounting, I gather my thoughts and Robbie is happy to eat the lush grass, as I take refuse from the sun under a tree. Making notes of my emotions, feelings, not just the calm and tranquillity of the setting but also the loneliness and my own vulnerability.

I laid back and looked through the branches, watching the leaves fluttering in the warm summer breeze. I closed my eyes, thoughts came to mind of this place, a secret meeting, a chance encounter, a lasting memory revisited, a place of sadness in time of despair to gather your thoughts.

As the warm breeze washed over me, the leave flutter and the grass whispers, time just melts away. My mind is filled with promise of this place, my characters and the story to be had. A place to share, to have fun, and a memory to create.

My peace is interrupted by a tractor and also my horse, now a big as he is Robbie is not brave where tractors are concerned, so without standing on me, he’s stuck to my side. It could be a gesture of gallantry, to protect me from the tractor. But as I stand he’s behind me, so maybe not.

Now there’s  a random encounter, my mind sprang into action. As I mount up, I smiled at the farmer, now in my book he would be younger and fitter. Not to take anything away from the older man but he was a bit long in the tooth, but then again what they loose in stamina, they make up for in experience.

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