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Strolling down to the Beach

As I strolled down to the beach, I am passed by several vans. All with one thing in common, surf boards. My afternoon of writing will be interesting as I feel the certainty of distraction creeping up on me.

I positioned myself a little way down the beach, but not far enough away to impede on my sight. Watching them sitting in the water waiting for a wave, they reminded me of jockeys waiting for the tape to go up in a big race.

One chap caught my eye, as he would be fabulous as one of my characters. I wonder what he sounds like, his personality, with his long blonde locks, neat physic, welcoming smile and piecing blue eyes – I told you I wasn’t that far away.

Sun glasses are a god send on days like these, bit like bird watching without the binoculars. My attention is drawn to a slightly taller chap, he is older, more muscular and more mysterious and looks more worldly wise. He’d be a keeper, the main lead, the one you’d want to keep, the final destination.

I have found that in my male characters there is some one for everyone!

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